Soursop Seamoss Gummies

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Soursop Seamoss Gummies.

Extensive research has been done on the unique organic compounds of soursop and it has been widely studied as an alternative way of reducing the risk of cancer.  It has been found to stop the growth and formation of cancer cells when a study looked at the effects of soursop extract on leukemia cells.  In breast cancer cells it was able to reduce tumor size, kill off cancer cells and enhance the activity of the immune system. Soursop is full of vitamin C, which boosts the production of white blood cells. 

Seamoss contains 90% of the nutrients your body needs. Seamoss is known to cure/prevent so many diseases, from cancer, to skin inflammations, to diabetes, and the list goes on!

These gummies contain over 80% seamoss. Each bag contains enough gummies to last you 5-7 days. 

 Eat 8+ gummies per day to feel the effects.

Gummies contain 85% seamoss, 8% soursop, and 7% coconut sugar.


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